Normal…for now

24th July 2020

Today sees it become mandatory to wear masks in shops, is this the new normal? For me if it keeps us all safe when popping to the shops then I’m all for it. Our high streets need a boost so if it gives you confidence to get out and visit us you’ll be most welcome.

With time on my hands I have had the chance to appreciate the garden and its visitors, however small, a lot more. To help our little friends along we have found a fantastic gifts in a tin range that cover flower pressing to building your own insect house, and, we’re really excited about our range of  lovely books  that you can read to your little ones and then plant the pages. There are 120 seeds on every page with full instructions on how to go about it. What a great idea to encourage the next generation to get out there.

Not online yet but if you’re interested take a look at our Instagram or Facebook pages or pop into the shop.


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