21st August 2020

I think we all agree that nowadays we’d be lost without technology. We found this out last Saturday. We needed to update the software on the till on Friday so, with a little help, we managed to do the deed and as we left that evening all was well…or so we thought. As we open Saturday as normal the till decides that it was going to shut down. A few choice words later we try to call the tech wizards, A great idea I hear you cry, oh no, the tech wizard don’t work at weekends!! A few more choice words and the decision to call it a day and leave it until Monday was made. To all those that wanted to pop in and see us last Saturday we can only apologise but it was out of our hands. we are back up and running and will be open as usual tomorrow.

We are always keen to replenish and update our stock so our search for new products and suppliers continues. However Covid is having an effect on the manufacture and shipping from abroad so it is becoming slightly more difficult but we’re confident we can continue to offer unique and quirky items. Remember you can also find us on instagram – @lolawoodsam, and Facebook and of course pop in and see us in the shop.

Have a great weekend.

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